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Drive safer with Google's new App.

No, the latest Google App for 2017 won’t turn your car into a self-driving vehicle, but It may help reduce distractions while driving. “Android Auto” is the App that integrates with your cars dashboard to display and easily control maps, music, voice communication and more.
At we know that increased episodes of Driver distraction are on the rise for collisions and for fatalities as well. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association’s most recent statistics, distractions now rank third, as most frequent cause of fatal collisions.

Top Five Fatal Collision Causes

1. Driving too fast for conditions or in excess of posted speed limit


2. Under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

6, 199

3. Distractions/inattention ( phone use, talking, eating, etc.)


4. Failure to Yield Right of Way


5. Overcorrecting/Over steering

2, 246

We’ve all seen the car traveling down the road, swerving randomly, only to come alongside the car and see the driver fiddling with their phone. The trend by car manufacturers is to move some of your smart phone functions to the dashboard, as well as limiting other functions, while the car is in motion.  These new dashboards and driving Apps are being created with the intention of moving the driver’s attention back to the road.    

You might be surprised to find that your current car may already come equipped to use the Android App in your car. This App can even operate independent of your phone. Here is a partial list of cars that have or will have this capability in 2016-2017 for many of their models:

If you have one of these Android Auto compatible vehicles or an aftermarket radio you can easily link up your Andriod phone, for many of the hands-free functions. Many of these same manufacturers are integrating the physical controls into the steering wheel, to keep those hands on the wheel.
Here’s a breakdown of the features of each of the Android Auto App functions.
As with Google maps app you may already have on your phone, the Android Auto provides free voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, lane guidance
Make calls, send and receive messages.
Download Music Apps like Pandora, Spotify, NPR one, Skype, Pocket casts
Use your voice to change functions.
We all know that driving can be boring and it’s an easy temptation to multitask, but remember no matter how seamless these features are incorporated into driving, the most important feature is "YOU" focusing on the road.

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Referred to this by a friend - thanks for the funny, random comments inserted in between the text. and for the colloquial tone. easy to follow along as opposed to dry stats and figures.
- Julie S